2018 Christiana Angeliki Chaikali - Hide/Seek_The door to hidden Memory
The project consists of a location-specific installation, inside a 17-century residence located on Kleine Gracht 31, Maastricht. It is the end result of a personal quest to connect art and architecture; an art installation where imagination and memory become connected and solidly manifested through the use of architectural elements. The house is currently used as a family home, by a mother and her son. By means of witnessing the son and noting how he interacts with the house, I slowly moved from observations of how it is being currently used by a small child, to my own childhood memories of my family home and then my own interpretation of the spaces of the house on Kleine Gracht. That way I produced graphic and literary material that can be interpreted as a map of my own perception of the house. This map is mostly expressed through a surreal re-imagining of certain elements of the house, sometimes by referencing back to the history of the house itself. Starting by the house, observations of my own perception of it are combined with autobiographical elements, thus creating a project that lays somewhere between my memories and the house’s. By emptying the house completely of its current furniture, its architecture is brought under the spotlight, its spaces and my interventions left to tell their own stories. The visitor is not only free but invited to walk freely inside the house, explore all spaces, nooks and corners, like a game of hide and seek and let their mind wander freely. Perhaps, they will also manage to read between the lines, to look behind the surface of the walls and take a mental trip in time, to their own memories of their family home; their own story. Just like I did when I first visited the house.

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