2018 Josch Huenseler - City of Water, Aachen
This project is intended to revive the tradition of Aachen's thermal springs. The inner-city springs, which are sealed today, are to become a social centre again, as it was in the past.
It is planned to create an inner-city "thermal bath", which will have an urban and thus also social influence. In contrast to the spa baths from the 17th and 18th centuries, this institution is to open up to the urban space and the events will not take place exclusively behind closed walls. A flowing transition from the building to its surroundings is to be created. In order to guarantee the visitors a high-quality stay, it should be possible to experience the most different kinds of water and its temperature in most diverse ways. In order to increase the incentive to perceive this experience as much as possible, it should be possible - in contrast to an organised visit to a thermal or outdoor pool - to see the area as an inner-city, public space. Thus it can also be used spontaneously and the stay does not require any prior planning.
The Therme was known to the city of Aachen as a meaningful, public place and as the social centre of life with a fixed ritual in its daily routine, dating back to the time of the Romans. The thermal baths of that time were on the one hand places of communication and pastime and on the other hand a place for relaxation and retreat from the hectic working day.

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