2010 Andreas KantartzisAndreas Kantartzis - Imaginaere Interventionen
Our personal reality does not only exist of the perception our physical surrounding space, but also of our emotions and thoughts. Thereby it comes to imaginary constellations of space that mirror our emotions and system of values. This shows the observer which processes ones has to carry out, to realize space, by using the other senses.

Process micro concept 1: The space in between the hands, searching the borders of space, gives the information that there is nothing material inside. Stacking up these “antimatter” empty spaces, they describe the space volume.

Process micro concept 2: The connection of the contact points, resolute to a guideline in space. By touching surfaces with the hand or just the fingertips the guideline becomes a three-dimensional shape.

Process micro concept 3: The division of space in horizontal step-units and vertical slope-units, show the actual realized haptic zone.

Process micro concept 4: The shape of a model consisting of the main axis, characteristics and history, that are based on a personal experience with this city, achieve an emotional structure. This model got split up in different sections to generate a picture out of it in the following step.

Process micro concept 5: A Conversation got empathized in a line. The communication is about orientating with all senses and the description of an adequate way. This process is idealized into one playground.

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