2018 Anna NiessenAnna Niessen - Multigenerational Housing - Grocery
Situated in the center of Wallerode, an idyllic village located in the Belgian Eifel, the site is close to the church and school. It is a strategic location with investment potential. To face the spreading of the village along the access roads, the waste of land due to the construction of freestanding family houses and the growing generational alienation, it is important to increase village cohesion on the social, physical or any other level.
The project aims to encourage the construction of compact housing units in the heart of the village. In order to revive the village life, different complementary programs will attract residents with varied backgrounds. (Multigenerational housing, grocery, café/bar, library)
The implantation of the new buildings will redefine the area in front of the church by giving the village a new identity. The square will serve as a meeting place, where different events, like the annual fair, can be hosted.
The long, narrow shape of the buildings recalls the traditional farm houses of the region. They are arranged in a way that they form a new path merging into a trail crossing the village from the lowest point, a green wetland area, to the highest point, which gives great views of the surrounding countryside. A transversal connection of the village is created.
Increasing the residential density will allow for an economical use of land. The construction of the site doesn’t contrast with the structure of the village, it articulates with existing buildings. The three new buildings fit perfectly into the site and respect the topography at their best.
The grocery is situated on the highest part of the site. Anybody who is interested, especially the elderly, will have the possibility to volunteer in the shop in order to remain an active member of the village community.

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