2010 Anne BauerAnne Bauer - Keimzelle Haiti, Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe
Going back to normal life and creating a new home after a natural disaster is very hard and often takes a long time especially for people living in poor countries.
Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and is affected by massive natural disasters. Every year hurricanes hit the island. Flooding and landslides cause many deaths. Often unemployed and living below poverty line, Haitian people are not able to create a new home or provide for the upcoming hurricane season. This situation got even worse with the earthquakes, who hit Haiti shortly after this degree was finished in January 2010.
The GermCell shows a way how people in Haiti can quickly build a new house after a hurricane protect it during upcoming hurricane seasons and extend it.
The GermCell is a box built out of aluminum. It can be built up within a few hours and provides a place to sleep (canopied) and cook for up to 5 people. It also provides e.g. blankets, insulation mats and a solar cooker. Water is sterilized by sunlight in PET container attached to the box.
The GermCell gives the user time to save money and collect building material. Bit by bit a house can be built, using the box as a safe. The standard of living can be sustainably increased. In the case of a hurricane all included items can be put back into it. Filled with debris it survives a hurricane. The safety of the inhabitants can’t be guaranteed so they seek shelter in bigger, public or private run houses like schools. If some parts or the whole house is destroyed after a hurricane they can start rebuilding immediately.
The project shows a cost-efficient way to help people living in rural areas to help themselves and regain independency.

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