2013 Athony HumbletAthony Humblet & Olivier Lekien - High School Appropriated
The project consists in creating a 600 student capacity high school in the city of Brussels. The mission is to create dynamic environment within the school where studying is not limited to the classroom but where all the building supports the cultural, social and creative development of the student.

On one hand we decided to maintain the distinction that exists between the educational infrastructures (libraries, classrooms,…) and the recreational areas which are also open to non-students (cafeteria, forums, conference rooms,…) .
But, on the other hand, we wish to bring together the two dimensions. This is possible by creating connections between them.

Practically the educational infrastructures would be located on the upper floors of the building while the recreational areas would be on the ground floor, in direct contact with the urban environment.
By doing so the surrounding population will be able to use the “public functions” offered by the school and the students will still feel that they are in a normal school environment. Since then the school’s infrastructures will be used at its full potential.

Our vision is to create a relational entity by creating a polyvalent hall able to accommodate different functions. This polyvalent hall could be an extension on the cafeteria or a event room for official or spontaneous gatherings…
All the spaces would be linked between them thanks to the visual connections created by the polyvalent hall. Therefore mobility in the building would become visible through all the school.

All the recreational outside place are developing high up from the park next to the building. Oriented to this park, the divisions in levels doesn’t separate them between each other but create different moment for students to appropriate the spaces.

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