2015 Ben MichelBen Michel - Beethoven Concerthall Bonn
In December 1770 Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn. In 2020 his birthday has its 250th anniversary and is the occasion for the planned construction of the festival hall, which should offer a huge concert hall at an international high-end level and provide a suitable venue for classical music for the “Beethoven Orchester Bonn”.

The synergy of the already existing “Beethovenhalle”, the “Beethoven-Haus” as well as the neighbouring “Beethoven Orchester Bonn” opens the chance to create a campus-like structure. The festival hall is going to be the central venue for the “Beethovenfest” as well as the “Beethoven Orchester Bonn” and should also serve as a platform for international high-end musicians. Therefore the location has to have the highest standards in acoustic and architectural quality. Furthermore, its architectural charisma should emphasise the significance of the “Beethovenfest”.

The city of Bonn organises various events in the art and culture scene with numerous high-quality institutions and museums as well as venues of prestigious nationwide importance. Of course the main highlights are the remembrance and examination of Ludwig van Beethoven's life and selected works. Apart from the “Beethoven Orchester Bonn”, which performs at various events and concerts in the “Beethovenhalle” and at the Bonn opera, the “Beethoven-Haus” can also be seen as an essential institution which maintains Beethoven's most important collection of his works and supports the Beethoven foundation to a great extent.

The “Beethovenfest” plays an important role with respect to the interpretation, maintenance and continuation of Beethoven's work. This festival takes place every year in autumn for four weeks and shows about 60 concerts in Bonn and its surroundings. However, it can be seen as an inherent part of the European festival scenery and is supposed to gain even more international charisma through the construction of the new festival hall.

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