2010 Bernhard ForthausBernhard Forthaus - Baulücke Hartmannstraße, Blickkontakt mit Elise
In the city centre of Aachen, directly beneath the cathedral, a single-storey space between buildings with a view onto the reformed “Elisengarten” is located in the Hartmannstraße. This intra-urban disturbance within the area of the present “Carl Kaufmann” should be removed by contemporary development.

The concept intends a perimeter block development as an apartment and office building for this purpose. Significant for this development is the optimum use of this property with the view onto the “Elisengarten”, the sun, and the quiet location on the one hand, and, on the other hand the opening up for development of the inside atrium in this context.

This atrium is connected with a funnel-shaped tunnel which opens up to the street – the public. Therefore, people who pass by get an insight without disturbing the intimacy of the half-public courtyard. From this atrium the development of the shopping area as well as of the five housing units in the upper floors takes place.

These housing units are three apartments as well as two maisonette apartments in the attic floors. Their size differs between 80 and 145 sqm.

The apartments are also adjusted to the conditions concerning view and sunshine duration. Therefore the living rooms are adjusted to the exposed outsides and can become a bigger room by using a mobile wall. The development and sanitary area are located in the centre of the apartment. The cooking area connects both sides so that the resident is able to live in an “open-plan house”.

The frontage consists of roughly carved shale, which has an archaic effect, however, in the interplay with shades it emits a certain ease. This face is only broken by three different window sizes which adapt to the respective rooms behind them by their arrangement.

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