2019 Breno Paternostro - new school of architecture
First of all its important to explain the necessity of a new school of architecture in Nuremberg.
2014, the Faculty changed its location. The new location of the building, between railway tracks and four-lane main road and the outer appearance of the building is unworthy.
This shows that Nuremberg needs a building that represent the architecture.

After studying the typology of a university, it is clear that the structure and organisation within the school has to be designed. As a result, the space allocation plan and the spatial connections have been developed.

Then the question is where? The choice fell on the old town, on a moat of the second last fortification. The topography and the division of the plot by a bridge allows to divide the school into two buildings - the teaching building and the tower. Both buildings form a new square. The tower contains an exhibition area on the ground floor. On the upper floors there is the architecture library and workplaces and a reading room. The teaching building contains the semi-public facilities as well as a part of the old city wall. A large staircase leads to the big hall. This serves as an access area, activity room and meeting place. The stepping makes it possible to illuminate the lower floors via the skylight. On the lowest floor of the hall are the workshops on the side. On the following three floors there are the student workplaces on the sides and the different studios in the front and rear part of the building.

Both buildings have a sandstone base. The typical material in Nuremberg it will symbolically carry the new school. The further facade is based on the idea of tectonic. The building appears to be becoming increasingly lighter from the first floor onwards.

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