2013 Carola MineoJustine Gloesener & Carola Mineo - Tivoli High School
The area is located in a new master plan of Brussel: TIVOLI. It is surrounded by an
industrial area, a primary school and a "park" established by that master plan. At a
more global scale, it is also a transition in relation to what exists today: the Marie-
Christine neighborhood, Tour & Taxis and the Canal Albert. It primarily represents
the ending point of a green path established by the landscaping project of T&T:
the school is a focal point for the district.
The school interacts with its environment: the mass is sculpted by the external
flows and the volume of the building is designed as a continuous educational
ascent, with as a low point the entrance of the school facing due south. The ascent
is in confrontation with the buildings of the new master plan to come to an end in
front of the tower hosting the neighborhood house: the school and the tower are
a signal of your entry into the new Tivoli neighborhood. From the courtyard, this
ascent is clear and visible as the corridors are facing south and the classrooms
grow on the north side in order to benefit from a constant light.
The main entrance of the school is seen as a warm meeting place, it connect
between two worlds: the one from the street and the one from the school. The
main courtyard of the school, the heart of the project, can be seen as an extension
of the public space. It can indeed serve the residents in the evenings and on
weekends. From the court, the flow splits to allow access to floors dedicated to
classes as well as sports facilities and a multipurpose space that can be used on

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