2010 Céline GérardCéline Gérard - Centre artistique à Schaerbeek, Bruxelles
Create an arts center is offering an architectural solution that connects the urban space and the performance of the body. My project wants to extract characters of the site and translate them into an architectural solution.
The site of Schaerbeek is dominated by an industrial landscape. It is also characterized by a greenspace extending Josaphat Park (southwest of the site). The site is located 8m below the naturel level.
My project is situated along the railway. It might be consider in the continuity of the urban planning that I have created. A sportive and relaxing equipment raod follows this main axis that begins with the station and ends with the art Center.
The spaces are linked but visitors can join at any time the course or the new pedestrian park which adjoins. The entire project has performance places with home entertainment, bar and restaurant, shop, dressing rooms for artists, storage spaces but also meeting rooms, offices, workshops and rehearsal rooms
Borrowing its characters to the arts or rail sphere, it wants also to consider all spaces as potential scenes of representation. However, three performance place are created : the multipurpose auditorium, suspended from concrete portal frames, the exhibition hall, which may extend to the outer area and the theater that slides under the public outdoor space, also opened to a scenic hall.
I use glass, concrete and steel to create spaces that contrast between light and shadow. The veil of aluminum tubes that falls like a curtain on the main volume is an example.
My Center, located at the crossroads of territorial tension expressed itself by a plastic and spatial poetry. it serves the artist who invests it by his art

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