2016 Daan SillenDaan Sillen - Kigamboni Performing Arts Centre
Can we use the wide variety of performing arts in Dar es Salaam, rooted in a long history of rural dance, music and storytelling, to activate new urban identities and initiate transition?

The aim is to empower creative talent by means of a culture production centre and by upgrading Dar’s urban spaces into contemporary performance stages.

The centre offers spaces for cultural education, workshops and rehearsals. The wooden structure and the concept of its infill/enclosure, create a multifunctional toolbox to shape the centre according to its spatial flexibility, programmatic needs, financial opportunities and international ambitions.

In its innovative use of Tanzanian wood, being energy autarkic and low tech, this centre advocates sustainable building for Kigamboni.

The project can be developed in different stages and adapt to changing circumstances. Every phase opens new perspectives and interactions with its surroundings. The colourful shades and screens give the building its architectural expression and unique, changeable appearance.

Situated at the informal centre of Kigamboni, KCPA incorporates the pedestrian links and public places and transforms them into stages for its productions. The performers café is a place of interaction between local residents and artists, the rooftop terrace offers the visitor a spectacular view on the Kivukoni waterfront and Dar’s cityscape. KCPA will be an urban place for physical activity and creativity, as well as an oasis of contemplation and recreation. By inviting artists of international renown, KCPA expresses its ambition to reach the highest standards
of education in performing arts.

This spacious centre welcomes the visitors to be part of this cultural world of students, performers and dancers, in the exploration of their art.

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