2016 Dasha KuletskayaDasha Kuletskaya - Banya by the White Sea
The world and human are constantly changing. Each époque gives its own answer on relationship of a man with his outer and inner reality. The equilibrium between them is not static and must be constantly reestablished – therein lies true meaning of regeneration. Where would we find ourselves, if one considers regeneration of human body and mind as the measure of culture?

Already in the Classical Antiquity bath was recognized as the best way to relax and regenerate. Therefore it became an institution and a matter of public concern. Nowadays everyday bathing is mostly reduced to a simple quick rinsing. An average bathroom is generally a secondary room, a sanitary block without natural insolation and ventilation, which is used in passing.

Banya - a Russian steambath, is one of the oldest and simplest regeneration typologies. It origins lie in the prehistoric dwelling typology, from which it has separated only in 13th century. Over centuries it remained almost unchanged, representing together with Finnish sauna the most common and democratic type of steambath.

The project “Banya by the White Sea” takes the traditional typology back to its roots connecting again dwelling and steambath. The result is a simple log shelter on the coast of the White sea, where a traveller can take refuge from the severe weather prevailing in the region. Lacking any superfluous luxuries it is reduced to the essential, offering solitude and serenity.

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