2018 David BreuerDavid Breuer - Concerthouse for the City of Aachen
The challenge was to create a new home for the Aachen Philharmonic Orchestra on a plot embedded in a developing cultural landscape. The location is next to the art museum “Ludwig Forum” and to a new art venue, the former Talstraße depot. In the immediate vicinity is also the St.-Elisabeth Church, which was profaned in April 2016 and has been used ever since experimentally, for example as a coworking space "Digital Church". The „HAUS FÜR MUSIK“ is to find its home in this increasingly popular neighborhood.

Starting point of the process were the particular cirumstances: The design not only takes advantage of the difference in altitude but also integrates the remarkable stock of trees. In order to increase the potential of the plot, a change of the traffic flow was foreseen, resulting in a large triangular area. The design of this cultural site is meant to reflect and interact with its very specific environment. The first sketches showed that it is a good approach to make the hall visible for everyone. This is even more important as the location is closely linked to the Europaplatz.

The aim was to create a concert hall as an accessible landmark while at the same time dealing sensitively with the large space. The first decision was to separate the cherry from the cake, i.e. the large music hall from the other necessary rooms such as administration, foyer etc. The result is a large, low structure which reflects the difference in level of the planning area. On the base, set like a stone, sits the hall with the corresponding polygonal metallic outer shell. The character of the hall is underlined as it seems to be floating, an effect which is subtly set in scene by a mirror basin and a lift-off from the base.

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