2019 Dominik Merres - Klare Kante zeigen
New construction of the technical city hall of Dusseldorf
Oberbilk and Flingern have been influenced by the settlement of steel processing factories, in the vicinity of which workers' living quarters were built. The districts have a high structural density, which made an unrestricted usable green space extension required. East of the main station in 2006, the IHZ was completed with the attached park, which integrates itself as a green lung in the urban environment. The park is surrounded by a closed perimeter block development on the southwest and northwest side, the IHZ on the southern edge and administrative buildings on the northeastern edge, in whose central axis sits the plots to be planned.
The design is based on the building concept of the classic town hall as well as the archetype of American high-rise architecture. Basic elements of the typical town hall, such as a centrally located, representative entrance porch with a trained high point, formulated as a block base and symmetrically designed and vertically structured facades were adapted in their characteristics.
The aim of the design is the development of a powerful and self-evident overall figure, which clearly and logically takes over the urban planning edges, axes and visual references.The design of the fa├žade with chamfered, bright fair-faced concrete strips and bevelled cornices follows a principle that lays over the entire building: the changing fiber direction of the pilaster strips creates a varied, obvious emphasis on the volumes "base", "tower volume 1" and "tower volume 2". It is not the change of materiality or construction, but rather the signing of the individual volumes by reflective surface and shadow-casting surface, that makes the building structure. The design thus strongly incorporates the factor of light and gives the structure dimension and depth. By strictly working with order and rhythm, the design represents a clear and stable attitude.

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