2010 Edouard SpanuEdouard Spanu - Une nouvelle bibliothèque publique à Liège
"L'espace des Prémontrés", at Liège, located on the edge of the urban downtown, isolated and almost forgotten.
This cut, and the loss of interest in reading were the first impulses for the proposed public library project.

Today, the library must evolve to excel!
She must live in the heart of the city!

The project extends the boundary of the downtown core, incorporating the entire site "des Prémontrés", designed as an esplanade that leads to a permeable base, topped by a tower answering to the immediate context and open to the landscape .

The base, natural continuity of public space is aerated and illuminated by a patio that extends the vegetation inside the building and articulates the different areas of the library.

With two levels of entry and first level functions dedicated to a wider public audience, the building becomes a link between two banks, a crossing point (fast ... or in which we dwell), a covered pedestrian of exchange and culture.

The inner space of the library is broadly divided into three sequences: the first relates to all functions in strong relationship with urban life (reception, exhibition, forum news), the second is a sort of buffer (office space and reserves) that creates a transition to the third witch is composed by the quiet spaces of the various departments of the library.

The top of the tower offers a plan with flexibility of design and appropriation.
The planning creates areas adapted to the environments required for each department of the library, identified by a color-code.

The building envelope is designed according to three main elements: the underlining layers of the strata, transparency, the nuance of light and views using external beams with a rhythm echoing modulations and requirements of interior spaces.

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