2016 Elien BourgoisElien Bourgois - Shade for Trade
By relocating Dar Es Salaam’s historic fish market to the center of the new coastal boulevard and developing it in an inspiring structure that provides shade, a new urban hotspot takes form.

The project elevates the local character of the Kivukoni fish market, catering to a wider and high-demanding clientele, by focussing on a hygienic fish processing chain, from net to plate, to provide fresh high quality seaproducts. The liveliness accompanying this chain such as fishermen arriving, filleting, portioning, frying, trading, delivery and more, all become part of the daily theatre of this urban economy.

The undulating roof structure collects rainwater, to be reused for the maintenance of the marketspace or even - after purification - for cooling the sales stands. Every day a huge amount of fish waste is collected and converted into electricity for this bustling center of activity using a digester and a biogas motor.

By the rotation of the sun, changing mosaics of light and shadow bring this public space to life and create a magical atmosphere. In the evening, this shaded place lights up and turns into a night market, a stage for street performances and a place to meet for all, locals and tourists alike. You can grab a bite, line up for a gourmet diner of the foodie top chef or enjoy an informal evening amongst friends, whilst overlooking both sea and cityscape.

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