2018 Eric DemaryEric Demary - Mixed use Skyscraper Alexanderplatz
There is anurbanistic planning frameworkfor Alexanderplatz, which represents a revision of the 1993 plans. Based on this, plans for high-rise buildings on parts of the properties are currently being drawn up. Each of the 9 plots/propertiesstipulates a skyscraper at a maximum height of 150m!

The residential high-rise building is intended to contribute to the liveliness of the location. To achieve this, the residential purpose of the building will be "enriched" by further uses: integrating the public into the lower part of the base block while creating lively residential space in the upper floors of the tower.

The program includes a typical core area mix of shops, gastronomy, offices, hotel, culture and living, which is enriched with further uses in the tower zone. The base, also known as the "pizza base", shapes the public space and corresponds with it! The enrichment of additional public and semi-public uses contribute to a lively circulation of the building complex.

The tapes connect / "tie up" and organize the building. The different usage units, with their different scales and details merge into one unit! This symbol gives the tower its name "banded Tower".

The tower has a basic grid of 1.75m, which is divided into three differently sized parts. This makes it possible to cut apartment layouts very flexibly with mixed loggia sizes. Thereby a high degree of individuality in the fa├žade image is created, making it identifiable for the occupant while creating a "feel at home" sentiment.

The resident is also offered external view points in the direction of Alexanderplatz and VolksparkFriedrichshain. The individual loggias are equipped with a plantpot, each in loggia width. This element reinforces the individuality of each resident, as everyone can create their own vegetation. A nice side effect - the facade changes its appearance with every season of the year!

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