2012 Eva GieblerEva Giebler & Anika Schausten - Thermalroute Aachen
In former times the hot springs in Aachen were the reason why the Romans and Charlemagne settled. Today these impacts are missing in the urban space and in the memory of Aachen's inhabitants. The assignment of our Master Thesis was to make this important part in the history of Aachen visible again. We have analyzed the city history to understand its important parts and to recognize their influence.
On the grounds of this knowledge we have developed a route through the city which leads to the important stations of Aachen’s golden age of city history.
We have designed an information spot made of Corten Steel which transmits the facts in two ways. First, you have the view over a cutting in the steel, which leads the eye to the present situation without disturbing the surrounding. Second, you have the information and an old picture of the place engraved into the steel.
We have also developed two alternative routes as extendent versions to our first one. They give the possibility to complete the therm theme from downtown to the outer city ring to Burtscheid and back again.
The start and finish of the routes are two new buildings which revalue two important vacant lots at the Elisengarten.
Ms Giebler has designed a museum to introduce the therm theme to the visitors and to make it understandable. Ms Schausten has made the hot springs visible again by placing a therm bath in the lot and bring the bath culture back into downtown.
Thus, the visitors can learn about these 2000 years of city history and the healing power of the hot springs in the museum and in passing the route. The end of the route is a relaxing round in the bath, to let the information enter into the visitors’ consciousness.

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