2012 Feyyaz BerberFeyyaz Berber - Eine Herberge für Karaköy-Istanbul
1883 Istanbul was opened up by the rails of the Orient Express. This turned Istanbul into a tourist destination for many Europeans. Thus the first hotels were built in the late 19th century. This typology was imported and adopted by the Turkish. The now extinct han typology emerged from the Turkish culture. In this respect, I wish to return to the issue and recover this typology in my diploma thesis. The first hans or caravanserai emerged on trade routes, at distances of about forty kilometers. The appearance had a defensive character. If needed hans can be assigned to one or more functions. Mostly, these are cell-like layouts that are strung together around a courtyard. After the conquest of Constantinople by Fatih Sultan Mehmed, they began to build urban hans. These do not differ from the original types. They have been adapted, so as to fulfil the requirements of complex urban contexts. The defensive character was casted off, the delimitation of urban space has been weakened by the inclusion of two-sided functions. Every han has a specialization on certain product categories.

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