2012 François FlohimontFrançois Flohimont - The scenic space
The scenic space

The project is situated in Sclessin, an industrial area from Liège, which in time to split the urban fabric. The problematic on the site was to reconcile the industrial influence and the present historic tracks with the contemporary project.
On the site of intervention is present the castle, as well as a school of the beginning of the XXth century. These elements form a coherent set, the generated external spaces are concretely studied.
The chosen program corresponds to a new dynamics of interpretation of the district.
Make value to the current function of the castle, the drama school, and amplify it in a new system which connects the present elements with the new architecture.
The project resumes the idea of a campus, favorizing a permanent exchange between the various buildings and the actors of the place by the external spaces. An urban park is fitted out around this network. The idea of the theme park goes into the problem of our global project. Bring in the citizens within the project.
The program, varied, develops the idea of experiment at most. The room of representation, symbol of the school, is a full machinery. The modulation and the free circulation inside the space favors the awareness of the students on the expression of their art.
The archaic relation between the public and the stage is abandoned. The internal passageways favor the exchange between the actors and the visitors. The functions trace around an internal place. Interactions between the public services are muddled by studios and music room. A particular attention is given onto the welcome. It is the guiding knot of all the functions. The landscape and the architecture become confused in the project. The external spaces become internal and the link between them become entangled.

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