2017 Gilles BlaffartGilles Blaffart - Un désir de simplicité
The introduction of holiday accommodations in the countryside is a way to provide a tourist attraction. To do this, many convivial meeting places and forum for exchange are developed close to the nature while cozier spaces are also designed in order to meet every holidaymaker's needs.

The establishment results from the site itself which is characterized by a damp valley floor and a stream passing through. The building is developed lengthwise and underline ingeniously the landscape. This water fronted structure open toward the green surroundings and let the natural ground appear by playing with the boundaries such as the stream.

The project is divided into two parts. The first one is shaped as a hotel while the second is a holiday cottage. Both of it are covered by a zinc roof sheltering the circulation while connecting the volumes. A game is played with the rhythmic, the repetition has been used not without integrating specific moments in order to work on an internal as much as an external atmosphere.

A movable wooden trellised screens system is used in this project, it is composed of three variants: open, semi-open and close. This astute system enables the creation of a consistent and global interpretation as well as subtle erections. The idea is to create moments of intimacy or moments of opening depending on the client's wish.

The wood, key element of the project, has been though up for the cladding as a wood able to brighten over time. In contrast, the use of the laminated wood for the interior finishing bring a welcoming atmosphere inside the building and create a duality in the employment of the materials

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