2017 Clara GodonClara Godon & Emilie Raquet - MEMORATIO: « rappel du souvenir »
The transformation of the Town Hall of Ougrée takes place in a strong identity environnement. Our proposal is based on three elements of the local landscape: the Meuse river, the Cockerill industrial site and the parc of Trasenster. The first intention is to make the building and its reconversion visible from the other side of the river and enter in a dialogue with the industrial site. We created a belvedere in front of the Town Hall which represents a signal in the landscape. In the belvedere, we created a museum about the emergence of the city and industry in Ougrée.

The building is divided into three entities, each has its own identity. The new function is a cultural program called "Culture +". This place would become a multigenerational space, offering various programs for people of the surroundings. The program is divided into several elements. First an Agora, offering two exhibition spaces with two totally different atmospheres highlighting the characteristics of the existing. Second, a HUB / media shelf and a media library. And finally, a Café Culture and a kiosque on the ground floor.

For technical reasons, we created a second external structure integrated in the design of the chassis in order to plug a metal mesh which will protect the facades from the sun. We have used metal mesh with different densities to create different openings influenced by the views and to limit the solar effect. The color of the fence reminds the design of the old façade and echoes the industrial atmosphere.

The interventions on the building are minimal. We have highlighted as much as possible the characteristics of the building respecting the work of the former architects from the group E.G.A.U. The project reveals the primary structure and the interventions evoke the spirit of the existing architecture.

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