2012 Hannelore GoyensHannelore Goyens - oxymoron
This research, in very small dimensions, is a call to rediscover the beauty of the Belgian landscape.

The Green Delle in Lummen fights for its excistence. This piece of land was once part of a bigger natural structure now overpowered and demolished with boundaries by man.

“It is the intrinsic superiority of human to place themselves above all that lives in this world. A crazy patchwork sewn together with in between a mess of roads and streets, crisscross in all directions.” (Renaat Braem)

Still I am convinced that this impersonal, insensitive, but very rare interweaving of city and land offers a powerful foundation for the rediscovery of this poetic landscape.

The idea is no longer to implement a collection of isolated buildings in a zoned parcellation structure, but to create an environment where different identities dare to speak. By grafting an interweaving of functions on the boundary of the site, nature, housing and companies bind. Balanced by the path, without affecting its content.

The new typology is maturing the more user, nature and processes understand each other. A very strong personality emerges in the Belgian landscape.

Macro turns fluidly into meso, and meso on his turn into micro. One entity forms a landmark on this boundary. A biopowerplant, joinery and workshops are offshoots from the path and enclose each other. A cohesion between spaces arise. The radical form is beveled in such way a fluid inside-outside relationship develops on a fifth facade.

A neutral rhythmic formplay quietly dissapears in it’s surroundings, but blends in it’s surrounding. The landscape’s value is now increased.

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