2010 Hélène Van SullHélène Van Sull - Une bibliothèque publique pour la place Tivoli…
Located in the historic centre of Liège, Tivoli square is a large empty space. Walkers cross this place without knowing that under their feet are buried relics, evidence of the city history. Several urban structures are superposed on each other. Merovingian, Caroligian, Notgerian and eventually Gothic imprints with the Saint-Lambert cathedral were laid on the Roman structure. Building a library on the site is thus an opportunity to revive the ruins. How to build a new structure on this space with the target was to keep and give added value to the past’s inheritance?

The ancient Saint-Lambert chorus’ marks and the old cloister yard are two founding elements of the project. The chorus relics are made visible and integrated in the historic tourist circuit currently proposed by the Archeoforum (museum beneath the Saint-Lambert square). As a result, the Archeoforum is accessible from the library. The old cloister garden retrieves his genuine mean: internal circulation is organised around it. This space keeps a sacred and impenetrable character. Indeed, the visitor walks around without entering the space.

The library is organised in three steps. The first one has a ground floor and a first floor. These are the extensions of the urban life. Those are spaces that are crossed, where one can discuss and exchange. We can find there a cafeteria, an exposition centre, a news desk and the Archeoforum entry.

The second step separates between the urban thriving life and the library itself. We can find there offices and books storehouses. Within its journey, the visitor can perceive this space.

The third step groups all the library departments developing as plateau. At the top, older books are available and you can contemplate the city.

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