2018 Henor ElshanajHenor Elshanaj - AN INTELLIGENT RUIN INSIDE A RUIN.
Our spatial needs that consist of a demand are our greatest priority. Nowadays we often convert our spatial demand into new/ additional proffer. This should by definition not result in a new building. We should be aware of the scarcity of space we have on earth, where we keep on consuming at twelve football fields a day. We know that raw materials on this planet are not endless, but there is an even bigger issue in our society, the issue of our numerous building-stock. So as architects of the 21ste century, we must develop a smarter way of thinking and acting on this spatial pattern of life to create a collective profit for several actors within our spatial surplus.
This project is located inside the last coal-plant in Belgium, more or less the power plant of Langerlo NV situated in Genk, which is in fact based on a master plan on different scales. With this design I want to unpack the spatial surplus that leads to a collective profit at different scales. This way, alongside a creative economic growth, introduced a new form of space management, where sharing offers much more advantage than individual ownership. Advantages such as maintain, various small profits that become interesting in longer term, sustainable use of space, ecological correction, etc. A cooperative flexible concept is put in place that makes it possible to offer affordable space for local initiatives as well as young entrepreneurs, to fulfill their needs and to pursue a mix of functions that stimulate forms of shared use of space. This project is a didactic model, which introduces a new way of spatial manage and financial strategy as well as spatial qualities. A place to meet, to work and to relax that stimulates the growth of the productive city.

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