2015 Hicham FakchichHicham Fakchich - Une école rurale
The rural world is he still exist? What is left of rurality in Ovifat in these capitalist times affecting rural life as much as urbanity (Rabhi, 2013)?

The roots of solidarity are always present in the blood of bara, the citizens of Ovifat. The reconstruction of barassociés by force of arms and hands of the soil shows the strength still lies in their desire for the future.

Children are at the center of this action, what are we let to them for this future of rural areas? How to preserve the tradition facing the force of globalization?

The school will assume this function.

Currently breaking with public space and playground, overloaded of cars in the hours of outings and overlooking a street crossing by hurry trucks, the situation is complicated.

But the tradition is there, a pedagogy of rurality will be able to develop from new support, an aged building by time and strong like shale that compose it. It’s this which is the place of children's development, which will convey the values of their home because the class is the house, and learning will have a different color.

But how the tradition could survive without innovation? The new building, which accompanies this building, work in a philosophy of values and responsibility. The building itself is the product of a participatory process, parents, municipality, builders, carpenters, … This learning by doing accompanies a soft and flexible education to the image of the architecture of the place.

The implementation classes, relationships to the public space, local materials (straw, spruce), the use of the former, openness and simplicity are the symbol of the rural school. This entry opportunity, tradition will revive and prove its usefulness, more, its indispensability in the rural world being redefined.

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