2013 Jan MaassenJan Maassen - Recreartional area Worriken
Recreartional area Worriken – Sport and performance centre.

The present project is based on a sports complex built in the 80´s and situated directly at the reservoir of Bütgenbach. The purpose of this project was to replace the actual building by a new one. The latter would catch up the already existing functions and complement them with new ones. The target was the creation of an attractive place in order to ensure a high quality stay. The main focus should be laid on sports.

The remaining surrounding buildings, mainly heterogenous, should be faced with a contemporary counterpart, integrating itself in the landscape and being able to be pointing the way ahead for the future.

The result is a pedestalled architectural complex lifted from the adjacent environment and creating as such a second introverted level. The latter one opens itself polydirectionally, providing the visitors with the possibility to overview the whole area, including all different fields of sports. The climbing tower functions as landmark and directs the visitors immediately to the entrance.

The complex has been supplemented by an administration and seminar facilities. The sport facilities are designed in a way as to allow the exertion of national championships. Besides the various sports activities, the complex also offers, with its roofed outside staircase and its lake stage, alternative using capabilities.

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