2018 Janna SteinhartJanna Steinhart - city oasis: build your own city!
city oasis:
driven by the idea of creating an oasis of free self-fulfilment in a city in spite of various rules, inhabitants are enabled to shape their environment tailored to their individual wishes. through participatory processes, features which generate identity are developed in order for inhabitants to feel represented in the growing cityscape.
stage I: a park connects the green corridor in the north of wilhelmstadt with suedpark, thereby providing a direct connection to the river bank. a place for local recreation is being created here: urban farming areas; a lake fed by the rainwater of the residential area; a wide range of playing and sports facilities and generous green spaces in the immediate vicinity of the future residential location form a hub of attraction in the planning area.
stage II: a promenade is inserted as an axis of internal development to dissolve the current islanding of the planning area. as the main foot- and cycle path, the axis connects the southern part of the area with the new district square in the north and thus becomes the central meeting space.
stage III: along the new promenade, sub-centres develop around secondary neighbourhood squares.
alternative mobility.
instead of planning based on car traffic, a car-free zone is being created: a city quarter for pedestrians and cyclists. easily accessible public transport and car-sharing opportunities guarantee connectivity across the city’s districts. cars are only permitted in exceptional cases.
orderly chaos.
to guarantee future residents as much freedom as possible, planners only determine as much as necessary: there is a masterplan that specifies building boundaries, paths and floors. a reinforced scaffolding is proposed for sustainable and durable construction. as a new inhabitant you may design and expand the plots you have leased according to your needs and personal wishes.
build your own city!

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