2010 Jendrik GraßJendrik Graß - Nautique, Wassersportzentrum am Rursee
Theme of the assignment was the conception of a water sports centre on the shore of
the Rursee. The conceptual design comprehends sleeping accommodation as well
as creating extential space for windsurfers , sailors and divers. The analysis of the
site and subsequent allocation of buildings was part of the task.

The area surrounding the "Sonnenstrand" Eschauel is one of the most beautiful
landscape around the Rursee. Firstly, because of its exposed situation that is due to
the long and slender headland, and secondly, because of the topography at the
south side of the headland where a for the Rursee untypical flat rock plateau
stretches gently into the lake and offers an ideal situation for water sports

The conceptional design is divided into two parts. One of them is the main building
open to the public, the other is a number of holiday apartments. Changing rooms and
storage space for divers, sailors and windsurfers are located on the ground floor of
the main building. On the first floor, there is a restaurant and a conference room
which can be used multifunctional. There are six holiday apartments situated south of
the main building along the headland in a private and quiet surrounding. This quiet
natural part of the center cannot be reached by car only via footpaths and stairs.
One apartment for groups up to 10 persons which is followed by two family
apartments for 4-6 persons. The building complex finishes with three apartments for
2 people, which are very private due to the topographic situation. Directly in front of
the main building, there is a spaceous harbour for the sailors. The slipway is just a bit
north of the main building. This location was chosen because of the proximity to the
best sailing areas and two very attractive diving locations close to the

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