2010 Jerome PaumenJerome Paumen - IRIS pijler 8, residu resistent de industriële evolutie
Elegant, transparent and progressive, a compact and effective industrial complex situated nearby the city’s boundaries. Modernism is getting grip on the industry. An experienced organ nested into a green context and linked to the existing infrastructure. The arrival of the factory became a economical and social injection to its habitat and new dwellings with lots of social aspects were build.

The experienced organ is gone. Workers are motorized and digitalized, there are just a few who monitor the process and secure the provision. Nowadays industries are like monsters that are constantly expanding. Like the small Netherlands where in the upcoming 15 years 23.000ha of building plot will be intended for industries. But 6000 existing hectare of building plot have been intended for company aims and wait for new establishments. The seemly short duration of 10 or 15 years provide degeneration to its society and an inefficient use of our precious landscape.

My project exists a realistic model with an utopic touch. The project is injected nearby the Chemelot location. A huge chemical plant that dominates the Southern-Dutch landscape en became the gate to the South. The arrival of the truck stop with entrance to the Chemelot site introduces visitors to the system of piling functions and has the appearance of a factory. The truck stop uses wasted areas from intersections of interstates and translates them into a potential industrial plot of the 21th century, the IRIS. This Iconic Redressed Industrial System is my response on the today’s issue of industrialization with the tendency to adept to the conversion of industrial areas. She is an organ in which production processes accommodate and she’s a catalytic converter of the surrounding industries.

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