2017 John SilvertandJohn Silvertand - Celebrating the community
A search for architectural interventions to strengthen context and connectivity

This masters’ project is a search for architectural urban concepts that create a sense of place and belonging (in contrast to the impersonal compositions of gated communities, oversized office buildings, supermarkets and international brands’ flagship stores).
By facilitating Msasani’s present community life and giving it more visibility through celebration in the form of a yearly festival, this city quarter becomes a place ‘where exciting things happen’.

The project starts with 4 architectural interventions for activities in the public realm:
A workshop space to challenge the youngsters, a pier to accommodate the fisherman and attract new visitors to their ‘gourmet’ market, sanitary facilities and a stand for the football players and a sunken playground that masters the flooding and preserves the open area for the children.
To top it off a Media Theatre, initiated by the upcoming film and music industry of Tanzania, forms a new creative hotspot to experiment with theatre, music, dance, film and video. The building itself also becomes a new place for discussion looking over the city.

Each one of these interventions starts very humble in its dimensions but grows in time, measuring up with Msasani’s growth. These places reinforce community life and become generators of identification.

Once a year, all of Msasani’s associations, regardless age, gender or religion, organize a festival to celebrate ‘community life’. They host the festival and transform their community buildings by addition of easy to build temporary structures which facilitate the needs and expression of the festival and welcomes the visitors.
This yearly feast is now renowned outside of the city borders and brings economic prosperity and identity to Msasani Bonde La Mpunga.

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