2017 Julien BovyJulien Bovy - Village coworking center
The historical heart of Haillot hosts the coworking center in close relation with the church. Fexibility, landscape integration, environmental impact, and architecture create a new vision of the company. The positioning of buildings reclaims spaces. The topographic reconfiguration, the template of the office building create a protected place. It is arranged in such a way as to leave free the organization of activities: market, festivities, various events. The cafeteria, the banqueting hall, the offices, the workshops give a special status to this place within the village and constantly animate the old center. The covered passageways give instead a cloister look and filter the activities of the offices, protecting them from the public space. The rhythm of the concrete columns, the vegetated flat roofs form a coherent whole with the architecture of the church The workshops opposite the cemetery allow to free the views towards the place when entering the village. Because of their varying requirements, they are easily adjustable thanks to the use of removable wooden elements The architecture adapts to its close environment and its function.

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