2019 Kaat Bloemen - Cool Reflections
In an abandoned cooling tower located in Charleroi, I designed a scenography in the form of an exhibition where reflection with light and sound is displayed. The exhibition is designed in a tower construction with individual rooms where different artworks are exhibited. The Tower is covered by a shell designed from One-way mirror glass which makes the tower disappear by the reflection of the interior of the cooling tower. On the other hand, the viewer can enjoy breathtaking views on the cooling tower from different perspectives. The shape of the framework is based on the pattern of the existing channels inside the cooling tower. I focused on one segment that I extended vertically to shape the tower.

The circulation of the exhibition is based on the operation of the cooling tower. The spectator enters under the grid, ascending centrally through a spiral staircase.
This refers to the hot water that was pumped through the tube into the cooling tower. The viewer then rises as vapor in the tower where the exhibition takes place. Once on top of the tower the spectator can enjoy an impressive view and then cooling off as water droplets when descending the stairs and leaving the cooling tower through the original entrance.

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