2013 Karen KreftKaren Kreft - LAMBERTZ VISITOR CENTRE
Lambertz, one of the leading German manufacturers of pastries, is a traditional company which aspires to continuity, innovation and sustainability. But how can one of the most traditional companies in Aachen present itself to its customers and potential investors? This master thesis takes up this issue. The result is a concept of a visitor centre at the Lambertz headquarters in Aachen. It picks up the corporate philosophy and gives the visitor the opportunity to explore the world of Lambertz and to familiarize with it.
The conceptual design is based on three elements:
- The surface, which buries itself into the ground and forms an urban space.
- The atriums, cut out of the surface, connect the urban space with the visitor centre, while they enable suspenseful perspectives between different spaces.
- The archetyps on the surface respond to each other and, thus, develop an entrance yard.
The determining element of the surface is brick, which conveys persistence and sustainability and communicates concisely the values Lambertz stands for. The distinctive shape of the archetype is a symbol of the traditional construction method. Combined with a modern, high-quality fairfaced concrete, it describes the unification of tradition and innovation. The overall design forms a nearly picturesque image.
Over a generous external staircase, one enters the urban space, which connects the visitor centre with the existing administration building. High quality spaces are generated for the visitors and the employees. The visitor is guided to the entrance yard where one can reach the visitor centre located in the basement. From this point on one is taken on a round tour, which allows one to experience the brand with all of its senses. There are exhibitions, a smelling station, think tanks and a cafe. Next to the entrance, there are conference halls for business meetings.

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