2010 Karin GerdesKarin Gerdes - Künstlerkolonie für bildende Künste in der Eifel
As part of a foundation an artists’ colony is arising in the area of the Rursee.
The artists are supported by the awarding residential fellowships in their creative processes and have the opportunity to present their works to the public in exhibitions. In addition, seminars are offered by the Foundation that provides an insight into the artistic work.
The property is located south of the village Schmidt, which is on a high plateau in the north of the Rursee. It is situated in a quiet and secluded location away from housing estates but is still easy to reach by bike or car.
The area is characterized by a strong topography. From north to south it declines around 38 meters. On the north half of the top is a plateau with a lower slope.
The planned artist colony consists of an exhibition building with seminar studio, separate workshop and a meeting place where artists and visitors can exchange ideas. It also has a guesthouse for seminar participants and ten studio apartments.
The design is developed from three different sized cubes. The exhibition building (AG) and the guest house (GH) are in the northern area of the site and positioned parallel to each other on two different levels. They form the central public sector and are connected with several terraces.
In the southern area of the site are the studio apartments (WA), they lie scattered, like big rocks, in the slope and are incorporated into nature. The staggered arrangement of the building guarantees an unimpeded view to the Rursee from each studio.
The reduced choice of material creates a standardized, harmonious figure and a coherent effect of the particular buildings of the artist colony. They form a neutral surrounding, which gives the artists the required space to develop.

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