2016 Kathrin FachKathrin Fach - wertvoll

Every place is unique, possesses its own independent existence, a history, memories of people and their individual stories. Architecture has the strength to show the peculiarity of a place, its own charm and the emotional attachment of humans. By observing the topography, light and shadow, enjoying scents or listening to sounds, a distinctive image of the surroundings is formed.

During the last centuries the farmyard „Haus Selbach,“ situated at the countryside of North Rhine-Westphalia, has seen many faces and taken part in different stories of inhabitants. The humans and animals living together under the same roof had been self-evident. Rural life is characterized by the passage of the seasons, the companionship of animals and the circle of life. Today, in a time of restless mobility and constant accessibility, nature and animals bring us back to a healthy and modest way of living.

A natural environment is important for the sensibility and personal development of children. The draft for the barn therapy centre creates a protected environment for children to experience nature. Due to the experience of constant care, acceptance and affirmation by the animals, self-confidence and quality of life will be improved. Regardless of age, origin, mental or physical abilities a place of getting together will be created.

The limits of inside and outside vanish in the draft, so that the life of humans and animals are connected in the space. The rural idyll of the barn shall be restored by careful changes of the existing structures and buildings. Natural and local materials of the new houses are related to the craftsmanship and tradition of this region. The rainy weather, burning sun and the usage create a unique patina. The architecture of the farmyard mirrors the life of its inhabitants and accepts the process of time.

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