2010 Kevin WintersKevin Winters - Designdepot Oudrekem
Nowadays Oud-Rekem is not more than a small and unknown village in our Euregion. Once in history it was an influential settlement wich contribute an economic and cultural value to his region. In benefit of ship transport the government construct the Zuid-Willemsvaart nearby the town center of Oud-Rekem. Instead of take advantage of the new waterway, Oud-Rekem didn’t generate the new potential. Between the town center and the channel arose an abandoned area. This domain is the working field of my project. With one giant gesture I resolve many of the current problems. The Zuid-Willemsvaart will be extend until the fundaments of the historical patrimonium such as the castle D’Aspremont Lynden and an old psychiatric hospital. Those building will figure as a new architectural scene at the end of a large pond. The conversion of this heritage in combination with new buildings, activities and a dynamic atmosphere thanks to the diversity of visitors will make Oud-Rekem known and important again. To make sure people will be attract by this new historical-cultural center I integrate a new design museum on this site. The new building has a modest character because it doesn’t want to disturb the new valuable decor of the older buildings. Therefore the museum is located below the public ground floor in a way it can be interpreted as an architectural base on what the old heritage stands. The museum combines the patrimonium and channel in a tensive way which give the visitors an unique experience while they walk between the collections. An integration of outside rooms as patios is an important strategy to give light and orientation in the museum. Those elements together with a long glass surface at the end of the pond generate many remarkable sights at the environment which is characterized by nature and architecture.

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