2017 Kijong LimKijong Lim - ANTIQUARIUM, Milan
The site is located in the south of Milan between Via Conca del Naviglio and the Via Arena.
Originally the Roman amphitheater was built there. Currently there are only the remains of the foundations here, which are exhibited as archaeological park.

The work deals with the volume and the external geometry of the former amphitheater. Conceptually, It follows the imagination of a presence of the absent. By means of the "negative volume/cast" one recalls original representative volume of the amphitheater.

I have only reconstructed the fa├žade just by expressing only coarse lines and the horizontal divisions, and as a result the user would understand the scale of the amphitheater.

The masonry and elliptical structure were chosen to create an inner atmosphere at the amphitheater.

The "Antiquarium" presents both the collection of the Roman objects as well as the importance of the place. Therefore, the inner and outer passages were organized as a route, where you can get a image of the connection between the historical amphitheater and the present city.

The two open passages are located on the ground floor and 3rd floor. The passage on the ground floor is now the ruin of the amphitheater, but is open to the public as an archaeological park. The other passage on the 3rd floor leads to a viewpoint and offers an overview of the city.

The two exhibitions also include two indoor passages. Between the modern art and the special exhibitions in the Basement a passage is connected with the archaeological park. The other passage on the first floor has the view to the random urban landscape between historical collections.

The montage of these images allows the composition of history and the present.

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