2013 Koen SavelkoulKoen Savelkoul - carte blanche
“Carte blanche” forms a spatial experience of series ‘Genius Loci’ within the region Zuid-Limburg (NL). Genius Loci is the term that is based on classic Roman religions, used as a reference to the spirit of a place. Every place has unique characteristics that form the unconscious experience of that place. This projects brings people closer to the Genius Loci by introducing the terms “Humanus Loci” and “Genius Humanus”.

The region Zuid-Limburg is the area I used for the realization of a series of architectonic objects in a ‘biographical parc’, based on a grid formed by humans. 25 “rooms” were formed by combining the number of inhabitants (density inhabitants) with passengers (density touristic routes).

I communicated with the local inhabitant by writing a letter. One hundred inhabitants (on the corners of every room) received a letter in which I ask to give a reply on a white paper sheet, the “carte blanche”. The inhabitants were asked to choose a biographical place with its story.

The stories of the inhabitants are transformed from written stories into architectural stories. The passenger is experiencing these stories in ‘live time build objects’ on every biographical place. The bases for this object is a specially designed cube, based on human proportions. The cube can be transformed to the stories of people on a specific place.

The result is a series of architectural stories on biographical places in this region. This directed ‘parc’ has been experienced by the last target group, the visitor of the exhibition. The exhibition forms the spatial experience of architectural stories.

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