2019 Larissa Cataldo - Bibli O thèque
Surrounded by a century-old beech forest, circumscribed in the castle's enclosure where a peaceful atmosphere prevails, that is where the library find its place; absorbed by nature.

Linking the various paths created in the park, passing through or under, the library serves as a landmark and a stopping point, generating a safe and populated connection between Petite Gesves and Gesves Place.

Its ring shape, on stilts, echoes the verticality of the trees.
Its transparency offers panoramic views of the majestic surrounding foliage and allows children from nearby schools and wanderers to get lost, for a moment, in an uncommon place.

The building's light structure and envelope exalts its relationship to nature. The strong presence of glazing enables a dialogue with the outside.

An outdoor passageway links the various functions that coexist inside the building. In addition to the library, there is a small bookshop, a cafeteria, three multi-purpose rooms, a covered terrace and a roof terrace.

The roof is an observatory for the forest; it gives the opportunity to have your head in the clouds while reading a good book.

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