2010 Laurent MistiaenLaurent Mistiaen - Tivoli, un espace citoyen au coeur de Liège
Tivoli is an empty space in the historic heart of Liège, its underground still contain archaeological rests of the old Saint-Lambert cathedral. Next to the “Perron”, symbol of the town, this area reflect the big changes during the Golden Sixties

The goal of such a place is to place a glass case for the town. But this place highly symbolic is also dear in citizens mind. So it must be a convergent point of these aims.

After analysing the operating system of the area, it shows that it is important to create a starting point for all activities. So, it must be an attractive place, well connected to closes functions and able to give an identity to people. Firstly, it must be a citizen meeting point.
To reach such objectives, the idea is to make a perambulation building. In this way, it becomes tameable for passer-by. The roof is rolling from the ground until it offers a fantastic panoramic view on the biggest square of Liège. Each level contain access to this roof, so it is possible to cross it and never come back in its own steps. This park roof is also connected to occidental part of the old “Prince-Evêques” (Bishop-Princes) Palace witch hold a library surrounding the internal garden and conference rooms, keeping the inner character of the monument. The third courtyard is dedicated to art with a external exposition zone connected to the actual exposition gallery situated in the church and commerce zone by their rear. One of the police settlements is reinstated into art ateliers.

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