2017 Louise CarpentierLouise Carpentier - Generation-Transition-Reconversion
Location : Rue de l’Ancre, Charleroi, Belgium.
Project : ***Hotel, convention place and 1500 spaces parking.

The consideration of this architectural project is built on two distinguished phases.
The first one consists in a reflection based on the analysis of an emblematic reference building (Chassé Park apartements – XDGA – Breda – Netherlands) and on specific characteristics of given location. Attention is given on the construction of a set composed of spatial and structural organizations and of opaque and transparent walls. The building physiognomy is not only described by the program and for that reason, from a particular location and its context (Rue de l’Ancre, Charleroi, Belgique), an architectural approach is formulated without any program.
For the second consideration, a precise program is introduced for the transformation of the object built during the first phase. This way, the place becomes functional respecting the sense of the phase one. During the confrontation between the building object and the program, the presence of friction momentum was noted. A strong architectural analysis is required to take them into account.

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