2016 Louise MohrLouise Mohr & Mathilde Weyer - Stomatology's Reconversion
This conversion project of the Stomatology building works as a vertically directed public square. The latter goes across the whole building and connects the street’s public area to the brasserie’s which is set up on the last levels and on the roof. The square evolves as a walk, a public progression animated throughout the floors by the multiple functions the building holds. It accordingly opens onto zones of reception, relaxation, pause, exhibitions, etc. The brasserie’s customers are invited to go downstairs by foot and not with the elevator.
In reaction to the abandonment of the Stomatology Institute because of its architecture, which was designed for a too specific purpose, the building is entirely rearranged in order to adopt any type of function that future users would require. Thus the project makes the most of the existing spaces and proposes various possible subdivisions thanks to (isolated) sliding walls, while respecting the building’s structural logic. Each space is equipped in order to work autonomously, regarding both ventilation as electricity, as well as other technical elements. In addition, each entity benefits from a direct connection with the public square which can be modulated, according to the users’ desires, thanks to various types of panels, more or less opened and transparent. Consequently, the future tenants would be able to choose the space they need and create the most adequate relation between the public square and their activity.

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