2019 Luisa Ropelato - Productive community center
The Productive Community Center aims to reuse local building materials from the Huckarde neighbourhood by encouraging a large participation process of the local citizens. One key aspect for the implementation is the ‘Map of Neighbourly Building Materials’ which I created to locate all available building materials within a 2,2km radius. As for now, it gives us information about the building possibilities for the community center itself but I suggest it to be extended and updated by the inhabitants for future construction projects.

In the Productive Community Center brick rubble, from former brick buildings located next to the site, can be used as concrete aggregate for those prefabricated elements which shape the supporting structure of the building. Secondly, the current waste wood surplus in combination with the communal recycling centre being located on the other side of the street offers a great opportunity to collect wood and windows, doors and plants and use it e.g. for non-load bearing walls, possibly also designing them during a collective building workshop. Lastly, two greenhouses from soon-to-be closed nurseries can be dismantled and rebuilt at my site.

The Productive Community Center is designed as a landscape of plants, shrubs and trees growing on the floor, walls and ceiling and finally extending into the exterior space.
The upper floor is connected with the ground floor through a two-storied space in the south, which works as a climatic buffer zone. The building is usable throughout the year due to the climatic separation of the rear part of the ground floor. Here I created a community space with an open kitchen, which on the one hand offers local citizens to bond with other people from the neighbourhood and on the other hand provides the chance to discover locally produced food or experience further training through seminars and literature.

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