2019 Magali Renard - L’administration communale Gesves
New breath for the municipal administration of Gesves.

Lacking surfaces to install the offices, the town has spread in the cellars, in spaces that do not correspond to the standards of well-being. The limitation of rural sprawl also involves the restructuring of existing buildings with new uses and improved energy efficiency. The new structure is juxtaposed with the existing one, allowing the building to keep its authenticity while using a different formal language. The wooden structure made by the artisans of the village reinforces the symbolism of the place. It seems to float above the landscape and brings together, in a space device favorable to trade, the offices of the commune on a single plateau. The distribution of the premises overlooks the courtyard thus created, offering a stimulating work environment. The circulation of the outer side allows to feel projected in the landscape. It is a new representation of the public service that is given to see. On the floor of the existing building, a collective structure favoring the exchange of knowledge and skills: a co-working center gains visibility and develops very small businesses, vectors of redeployment of rural areas. An unusual synergy is realized with the market gardening which slips below the administrative plate, in contact with its cultures. A biomass plant completes the basement and provides a complete approach to energy.

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