2013 Manon LonchayManon Lonchay - Revalidation and Wellbeing center
« Revalidation and Wellbeing center »

This project refers to the water theme. It is itself a part of a vast program for the Liège town and its ramifications are in direct link with : a students accomodation site, a group of collective accomodations and a quarter sport center, a pleasure-boat harbour.

The implantation, between to old buildings, choice follows from a wish of restructuring what is already existing (valorization of the heritage belonging to the industrial past) and of rediscovering a whole coherence. This big project directions follow from the structuration linked to the Sclessin history, the forces lines lean on the « Cointe hill ».

The site is restructured by 4 separate substructures connected together by a walk on the riverside.

A sport center, revalidation and wellbeing resort, a pond dedicated to aquatic sports practice, a pleasure-boat harbour, a mobile seasonal swiming-pool : thought in a larger whole for the town, a beach/swiming-pool
platform offers a new look on the Meuse. Its transfer though canal-boat makes 3 strategic ancher points possible in the town.

Based on the different : relaxation source, therapeutic skills and element to get under control, the complex program is divided in 3 poles : relaxation swimming-pool, a revalidation center, an olympic swimming-pool

From an architectural point of view, my min dis made up : to work strong masses, to limit the frontages openings by diging the mass of the three functional volumes, all made off double thickness. The light entry though the exclaveted roof acts as a kly element of the project. The game of the folds and hollows though the roof allows an adapted lighting to the différents functions without sacrifying the requested intimity though the limitation of the frontage opening.

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