2012 Margaux DarrasMargaux Darras & Axel Serveaux - (UN)STABLE GRID
The project welcomes the” Planet jobs program”.
It is a kind of innovative program which collects a mass of informations, exhibitions, and meetings of jobs in connection with the industrial anchoring of the Wallone’s region and its heritage.
The project is implanted in the entrance of the city of Liège, in edge of the Meuse, on a tricky situation because of the crossroads that it contains, and its cruel lack of public place.
The stake is to connect the project to its urban environment, in the respect for the framework of the axis Guillemins - Médiacité by filling the challenges of modernization known site : redefine a city entrance, create a general-purpose public place, integrate the soft modes, and re-qualify quay in edge of Meuse, and integrate the project from the scale of the town to the scale of the block.
The building owes be flexible, and answers the specific needs of the program by integrating the dimension of evolution through time. It is conceived as a directly visible structure and received through spaces out them that it qualifies. Indeed, it is a question of staging a series of lattice beams “to live” which encircle the building. It defines its structure by favoring the spatial continuum and by giving rhythm to spaces according to the various degrees of intimacy of the program. In the same time, systematizing the technical and administrative needs in an bearing core. The ground floor is definitively public and open towards the public space, and the embankments. The successive floors of the top are each one, an example of ” free plan” with particulars framings towards the landscape.

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