2010 Maria MeglinMaria Meglin - Ehemalige Besteckfabrik in Aue
With its existing roomy area the old cutlery factory permits a large- scaled building development.
Submission for the sketch of this holiday park as such is the nature, the abstract reduced forms of a house and a tree becomes the core design theme.
The arbitary selection of the tree trunks in a forest regulates the arrangement of the transmitted trunks at the parcel.This is the solid position of the object.
With this method the tree trunks represent the high- rope- garden, they define their individual hight and exact position as well as the position of the houses on the terrain.
The special shape of the individual houses units also results from the decomposition, reunification and the reduction of the stereotypes house and tree.
All these processes provide a direct connection between the forest, the terrain and the buildings, to produce a “tree- house- forest”.
This connection is supported by an access ramp, which starts at the highest point of the development and the access to the forest, also joining the houses with each other.
The access ramp let the visitors pass by to the old listed main house, which absorbs the main functions like administration, reception, dining and entertainment rooms.
The terrain below the access ramp, with the system roots of the high- rope- garden and executive paths running through the area can be used by visitors as well as by residents.
With this open structure the high- rope- house- garden builds an public meeting space for everybody.

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