2019 Marie-Sophie Heckmann - Meet Your City
Meet Your City

The theme of this thesis is the planning of a new technical city hall for the city of D├╝sseldorf.
The technical offices will be concentrated in one building in order to make the running of processes and structure more efficient.
The overriding object of this thesis is to design a technical city hall so that it meets the requirements of future employees.
The main object of this thesis is to place the different offices next to but rather above each other in order to save both, money and space. All this will result in different levels of communication, which will also be seen from outside. An inside stairway will connect all these levels. This will create a better working atmosphere and the employees of different departments will be able to communicate more efficiently. So there will be a more relaxed atmosphere enabling employees to carry out their work more effectively. This working concept will be ensured by the use of single offices and single workplaces.
This intermediate zone is all part of the open space office concept. This, therefore offers room for both, creative working processes and teamwork. Moreover, these intermediate areas can also be used as meeting points for the different offices. At the same time group working places and conference rooms as well as an espresso bar will contribute to the effectiveness of this concept. As a result of these clear boundaries disruptive factors will be avoided.
The planting of climate-friendly shrubs and plants in the intermediate areas is also very important factor in the whole concept. These plants will be watered by an electronically controlled irrigation system which pumps rainwater into containers via hosepipes. The technical city hall will be lit up at night and will be a landmark in the city of D├╝sseldorf.

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